About Us

As a vertically integrated manufacturer in China, PL ENERGY GROUP LTD strives to be the worldwide leader and innovative provider of green energy solutions, and provides a full line of curved ultra thin battery, lifepo4/LTO batteries and solar products and solutions that have proven to be outstanding in both performance and quality.

The PL ENERGY strength is flexibility and integration. Being positioned in the market areas of manufacturing, distribution and installation, we integrate all key competences and responsibilities which form the fundaments of our Group structure. In a continuous process we develop and strengthen

these fundaments by hard and focused daily work. Close cooperation between all the companies of PL ENERGY secures high quality of our services and products and enables a successful long-term development of the Group.


Integration in the down-stream of production value chain helps us to react better to the constantly changing market and to remain competitive. More importantly, this Group business model significantly increases our customers’ safety. Whether they buy our lithium batteries, or solar system products or other components, or use our services, their profitability is always secured by a high level of know-how at every stage of the value chain.


With local sales and marketing offices as well as installation partners throughout Asia, Europe and North-America, PL ENERGY is committed to improving the competitiveness and efficiency of green energy and developing a sustainable industry. Our manufacturing capabilities, global presence and international partnerships have helped clients grow in all aspects of their business. Our experienced team continues to build upon existing partnerships and is focused on exceeding client expectations.