Honor & Certificate

PL ENERGY production facilities have been set up in accordance with the quality system requirements of ISO 9001:2000. Our quality control consists of three components: incoming inspections, through which we ensure the quality of the raw materials that we source from third parties, in-process quality control of our manufacturing 

processes, and output quality control of finished products through inspection and various performance and reliability testing.

PL ENERGY solar and lithium batteries have passed numerous international certification requirements and we continue to upgrade our product quality and performance with proven technologies. Quality is one of our core values and the pursuit of quality will continue to drive the company's efforts in the future as it continues to improve its products.

Our ISO, VDE, TUV, CE, IEC, UL, MSC, BPPT and Gold Sun certified products are proof of our strict adherence to international standards for product safety, long-term performance and overall quality.